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The Mum Bod Core Foundations

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Understanding and reconnecting with your body after pregnancy and childbirth can help prevent injury and set you up for success as you return to exercise and more demanding activities. This is why I have created The Mum Bod Core Foundations Mini Course. This is a free educational course so you can discover more about your postpartum body and respect the recovery process after birth. Empower yourself with knowledge so you can understand the WHY's and the HOW's when it comes to restoring your core and pelvic floor. This FREE course includes: 5 lessons 5 educational videos 5 ebooks to download By the end of this mini-course, I would like you to: • Discover how your posture and core functions play a role in your healing. • Learn HOW to effectively rehab and reconnect with your core after pregnancy through breathing and restorative movement. • Understand the importance of rest and good nutrition to aid recovery. • Discover new exercises to help balance your core and pelvic floor strength, intensity and tone. • Reduce aches and pains. I hope you enjoy this course as much as I have creating it :) Sophia x

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